Oil Drilling

Topics: Petroleum, Peak oil, Wind power Pages: 3 (1973 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Throughout the years the government has spent millions of dollars on oil drilling. But what is the actual purpose of oil drilling? Is it necessary? Are we spending too much money on this one project or is it useful in the end? These questions have been debated so much over and over again. But the question is am I for or against oil drilling? Oil drilling takes up too much time and money for one simple purpose. It takes time and a workload to even begin this process. In order to perform a normal oil drilling process you have to find a land that has to be cleared and leveled, water must be nearby, if there is no water the crews have to dig water well, and lastly the crews have to reserve a pit. All of this is very expensive and damaging to the land. In an article in Bloomberg Business week it was recorded that marathon oil spent 10 million on oil drilling and that was just for one time. If oil drilling is really purposeful for the country why make it so expensive? There aren’t any other resources to finding oil? And the main objective is if we’re spending so much money on oil drilling then why are we even fighting in the war anymore? The damages to the land are excruciating and the government always ends up paying for the damages so that’s double to money they’re spending. One expensive tool they use to capture the oil is the oil rig. They use it to drill into the ground so that they can confiscate the oil. Building rigs takes a lot of time because it is used in some many ways. The rig drills, turns and pipes down deep into the dirt hundreds of feet. They use other equipment such as the swivel, Kelly, drill string and drill bits to help get into the ground. After drilling these tools into the ground these damages are bad and even more costly than before. Once this whole process is accomplished the crew has to build a well to let the oil flow into. The crew then allows the oil to fall into the well they also let acid flow in with the oil. The acid dissolves...

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