Oil Drilling

Topics: Petroleum, Natural gas, Barrel Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Offshore Oil Drilling

“In 1985, only 25 percent of the oil we used was imported while 75 percent was produced domestically. Today, those numbers have flipped as we import nearly 70 percent of our consumption needs” (Gossett).   “Yet a recent Congressional study concluded there are 68 million acres of federal land already under lease to oil companies – all sitting idle” (Moore).  Some argue that oil is just a short-term plan that will hurt America even more in the future than it is now. Oil prices have reached a point that we are in need of an immediate solution. This brings up the question do we drill in the offshore Outer Continental Shelf or not? In Lewis Gossett’s article he talks about how our economy cannot continue without oil and gas and that even though we might in the future have alternative fuels, our current need for oil calls for a solution now. By choosing not to lift the suspension on exploration and drilling, our enemies continue to financially benefit from the U.S.'s daily consumption of 20 million barrels of oil. 700 billion dollars is a severe price to pay countries that wish us economic and physical harm. While Americans now are pay anywhere between three and four dollars a gallon, places such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq are paying a measly fifty cents a gallon. Although the vast need for oil is unanimously agreed upon, many dislike the idea of drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf because there's a sizable amount of acreage already being leased by oil companies and not being utilized. Since there's no specific reason the people pro offshore drilling want to drill in the Outer Continental Shelf, why can't everyone just be happy and stick to drilling in the already leased out areas? Doing so would avoid the biggest pollution risk involved with offshore drilling and transporting the oil back to shore either by pipeline, barge or tanker. Instead of focusing on offshore drilling we should be thinking about both short and long term solutions...
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