Oil Fence

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Oil Fence

An oil spill processing device is comprised of the inner layer oil fence and the outer layer oil fence form the double oil fence body wherein the inner layer oil fence is inflatable oil fence the outer layer of oil fence to adsorption type oil fence; Outer layer of oil fence is installed on the working boat dragging the roller and mop squeezing; Working boat dragging is also set on the extraction of the inner layer of oil fence in the blocking of oil and oil suction pump and separating the outer layer of oil fence of the absorber the dilute oil water oil separator. This utility model claims a oil spill processing device using it has advantages of high efficiency oil absorbing rate of bagasse material and charge of the inner layer of oil fence made into double oil fence body it not only can high efficiency the processing of the oil spill and the oil spill high recovery rate of the circulating work can be widely used for oil spill accident emergency processing and recycling oil spill.

Key words:
Oil fence, oil spell, oil booms, skimmers, sorbents, material, and water pollution.

Any of numerous mineral, vegetable, and synthetic substances and animal and vegetable fats that are generally slippery, combustible, viscous, liquid or liquefiable at room temperatures, soluble in various organic solvents such as ether but not in water, and used in a great variety of products, especially lubricants and fuels. Oil is very important for our life, because it used in a lot of functions. For example It is the primary source of energy in our life. Oil is not one “thing;” it is a complex and highly variable mixture of compounds. Even oil extracted from the same well may change in component mixtures over time. Crude oil, the unprocessed oil that is recovered from the ground, is composed primarily of HYDROCARBONS, and to a smaller extent compounds containing TRACE METAL.Hydrocarbons are the most abundant compounds in crude oils. It was found more than 500 compounds in crude oil.(J. MICHEL AND D. SCHOLZ, S.R) Oil used in heating, transportation and generated the electricity, manufacture and military purposes. In addition to it has high effect political field. The following graph show us the where oil located

Oil spill is one of the most dangers Accident in the world. Definition of oil spill is an accidental release of oil into a body of water, as from a tanker, offshore drilling rig, or underwater pipeline, often presenting a hazard to marine life, the environment and people. Oil spill could happen in many ways like; some oil tankers empty the contents of the waste oil in water, or drowning tankers loaded with oil. Moreover, the flow of oil during oil drilling operations in flooded areas. Also it could happen because of war.(J. MICHEL AND D. SCHOLZ, S.R).In general, we can say oil spill ways are divided into three groups. Unintentional spill, deliberate spill, and natural spill. In following table we give some example of oil spill accidents.

Spill / Tanker| Location| Date| *Tons of crude oil
(thousands)| Barrels
(thousands)| US Gallons
(thousands)| References|
Kuwaiti oil fires [b]|  Kuwait| January, 1991 -November, 1991| 136,000-205,000| 1,000,000-1,500,000| 42,000,000-63,000,000| [3]| Kuwaiti oil lakes [c]|  Kuwait| January, 1991 -November, 1991| 3,409-6,818| 25,000-50,000| 1,050,000-2,100,000| [4][5][6]| Lakeview Gusher|  United States, Kern County, California| March 14, 1910 –September, 1911| 1,200| 9,000| 378,000| [7]|

 One ton of crude oil is roughly equal to 308 US gallons or 7.33 barrels approx.; 1 oil barrel is equal to 35 imperial or 42 US gallons. Oil spill is dangers for many reasons such as, Impact on fish where fish become more likely to die influence the acidity of the water, as well as the destruction of the respiratory system of fish. Also kill birds which feed on fish. Moreover Impact on drinking...

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