Oiler Duties

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Oiler Duties and Responsibilities
* Primary duty of oiler; he must engage in work relating to engine maintenance, watch duty in port/sea w/ the other engine rating.

* Responsibility for performance of his duty; he is responsible to the officer in charge in execution of his duties.

* Engage in watch duty during navigation; assist for the observation and record temperature, pressure and operating condition of machineries in engine space.

* Engage in duty while in port; assist to several maintenance works including housekeeping. Works on engine room.

* Enter/leaving port; assist to stand by main engine and other auxiliary engine and other operating condition.


How to Prepare Main Engine Prior to Departure

* Check the testcock; if all cylinders open.
* Jack up main engine w/ in 30 minutes in forward rotation. * Pump the lubricator normally (40 times).
* After 30 minutes, stop the jack up.
* Disengage the turning gear.
* Open starting air.
* Start another generator engine.

How to Start Generator Engine

* Start Diesel oil booster pump.
* Check the level of lube oil sump tank, governor dynamo and bearing. * Add cooling either 1 and 2 depend on the temperature of the sea water. * Turn the fly wheel manually using by hand (3 or 4x) then put in manual position. * Open starting air valve to blow off the engine

* Close test cock all cylinder. Start the engine then put in auto position. * If the exhaust gas temperature to 180 °c and lube oil above 45°c synchronize with other generator engine.

* Put control mode in manual position.
* Adjust governor motor to move the synchroscope clockwise / counter clockwise or slow / fast. * If the indicator in 11 o’clock position full and click into close position. * Off the synchroscope.

* Adjust the load thru governor motor handle.
* Put the control mode to auto.


- If the...
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