Outline for Domestic Oil Drilling Policy Speech

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“Domestic Oil Drilling Policy”

Thesis: Americans should approve of my domestic oil drilling policy.
Organizational Pattern: Policy/ Persuasive
SPS: To persuade my peers that my policy on drilling for oil in America is worthy of their support.


I. Did you know that in the year 2007 alone the U.S. spent a total of $37.75 million per hour on imported oil from foreign countries? (Top Ten Reasons, 2009) II. Today, it is my goal to persuade you that my policy on drilling for oil is worthy of support.

III. Everyone uses gas-powered vehicles and affected by well-being of economy. IV. Obama is collecting opinions from the public on oil drilling to revise Bush’s policy. (LoBianco, T., 2009)
V. Today, I will be discussing:
1. the problem that exists in the U.S. concerning drilling for oil,
2. my policy for domestic oil drilling, and
3. the benefits that will result from the implementation of my policy.

(First, I will discuss the problem with oil drilling in America.)


I. The problem is many people in the U.S. oppose domestic oil drilling. A. Many believe we should not drill domestically due to risk of oil spills. 1. Many refer to the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969. (Murdock, D., 2008) 2. Many changes in oil drilling technology and safety over past 40 years. (Murdock, D., 2008)

B. Many believe we should not drill, because it will harm the environment. 1. 620,500 barrels of oil ooze naturally from ocean floor each year. (Murdock, D., 2008)

2. Animals near domestic oil drilling are not negatively affected. (Top Ten Reasons, 2009)

(Therefore, there should not be any opposition to domestic oil drilling and President Obama should implement my policy concerning oil drilling in America.)

II. I will now tell you how I plan to implement...
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