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Topics: Political spectrum, Conservatism, Hygiene Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Throughout a childs life, a child will be in many different situiation where they have to make their own choice of what to do. Personal choices are linked to indipendance, self esteem, maturity, own risk assesment, and knowledge. For example; a child may choose to have chips with there tea rather than vegtables. They may decide to snatch a toy of another person rather than asking for it or waiting their own turn. These nagative choices will effect how they behave and effect how others respond to them and treat them. However a child may choose to brush their teeth and brush their own because they know it is a right thing to do due to experiences and their own personal knowledge, meaning they will grow up with a good sense of personal hygiene. Another personsal choice a child has is their friendship groups. These can lead to either a positive outcome on sometimes can lead to one which is negative. For example if a child is friends with a child who is louder than they are and is more boisterous and they display negative behaviour, this choice may have a negative impact on the child's behaviour at home or in other settings they move onto. While children will grow up making their own personal choices as it is a right they have it is also a responsibilty a early years setting has to provide healthy snacks and to enoucage good behaviour and point out right from wrong, educating the children from a young age to make the right personal choices which will have a positive impact on them as they go through there life.
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