Personal Profile

Topics: China, Netherlands, Left-wing politics Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: September 14, 2013
Personal Profile
My Dream starts with a Chinese Movie called “My 1919”. The first time I saw this movie is during my primary school time with my mother. The first impression I got from the lead role is that is what a man should look like. With the time goes by, I understand the movie better and start to build up my dream based on that movie. By understanding that the lead role of the movie is the representative of Chinese government in the Paris Peace Conference, I decided that I would like to become a politician when I grow up. However, it is really hard to get involved in the politics, especially in China. I have to temporarily abandoned my original dream or make the dream more reality. One of the reasons that I was so into the movie is I enjoy being a leader and point the direction as possible as I can like what the actor did in the movie, so I change my dream to become a successful leader and start to try to understand the business world. Right now in the Arnhem Business school I can say that I am already on the right track to fulfill my dream. I was the representative of the Chinese student Union in Arnhem, and now I am one of the boards for the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands, which is the largest volunteer organization representing Chinese students and scholars in the Netherlands. I would like to say due to the most of luck, I was being able to have a taste of being a leader in the real business world. During my internship in China Southern Airline, Amsterdam, I was in the import department, which only contains me and my company coach. During my internship session, she have to leave the job due some personally issue, as the only left employee who understand the whole process of my department, I was pushed to take the responsibility for the whole import department. It was quite an adventure and also helps me to get to know a bit with the real business world. Thanks to all my experiences, I am right now more certain about my...
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