Petroleum and Oil

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Tarmageddon Rhetorical Analysis Essay
A good and successful article is an article that is logically organized and does not disrupt the flow of thought and content that is provided in the piece of work as well as a good writing style which keeps the reader engaged throughout their read. The author Andrew Nikiforuk has created a nice and logical structure within his article. He starts by stating how Europeans felt towards Canada before and continues by explaining what has changed their stance towards Canada. He then leads on by describing oil and the specifics of the oil Canada is refining while noting its problems along the way while recounting how Canada changed, explaining why those changes transpired. Towards the end of the article he delves into the government’s approach on the matter and how it is ignoring the whole incident. Finally, in the end he comes to his conclusion and warning about the country’s future and how it will become if nothing is done. All of the work he has done adds to the article’s effectiveness because it gives the reader background knowledge, information about the threat, explanations and reasons for his work and opinion and this increases the reader’s awareness and gives them a clear view of the situation at hand. An article with a good and organized structure, style of writing backed up with logic and reasoning has a great potential to be effective and influence the reader and this article is no different. If we take a quick look at the article we can see the author using factual data in many parts of the article in attempt to completely assure his audience that his concerns are based on pure reality .The author doesn’t really try to appeal to the audience’s emotions instead he intends to reason 2 with them and prove to them that his concerns are appropriate and that the...

Cited: Nikiforuk , Andrew. ‘’Tarmageddon’’. Active Reader 2nd ed. Ed Eric Henderson. Don Mills, ON: Oxford Up, 2012: 211-213. Print.
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