Petroleum Engineering

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10 December 2012
Petroleum Engineering: The Impact on Today’s Society
The United States’ dependency for foreign oil is at its all-time high with the demand for oil continuing to grow. Americans depend on oil for transportation, heating, and power. Within the last five to ten years, the growing desire for more efficient ways of fueling has skyrocketed. Petroleum engineering has sparked a revolution throughout the nation. It has made a strong influence on the whole nation but has really made an impact in places like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Texas which are high drilling states. However, the controversy of natural gas drilling, the job of petroleum engineers, has become a highly talked about issue. The population that is against it does not know the vast amount of good that comes from drilling. Those people do not understand the amount of foreign dependency the United States relies on in order to keep the consumers satisfied. They also do not understand that the reason for the inflation on gas prices is because we are not utilizing the gas we have in our country. The impact of natural gas drilling could potentially provide the energy we need. The rising impact Petroleum Engineering has had on our country and globally has been cause by the vast need for oil, the global desire for more efficient ways of fueling, and the need for advancements in technology.

Today’s society is in need of more oil than any time prior to the present day. The first reason why the need for oil has risen is because most of today’s vehicles run on gasoline, which comes from oil. Transportation is a huge industry in our nation today. The nation desires more and more efficient ways of getting from place to place but also doing so in the least costly ways. Petroleum engineering has provided the better alternative to oil. The University of Texas had this to say about the alternative, “Petroleum now provides 70% of the world’s energy and is likely to do so for at least another 50, and probably 100, years. In a sense, no other branch of engineering is more concerned with our everyday lives” (Petroleum Engineering 1). This resource would be a cheap and efficient alternative to oil. Many people are uninformed on how important this would be to the country. The United States for many years has been dependent on foreign resources. The majority of our oil comes from Saudi Arabia, and other middle eastern nations. The less we are dependent on foreign oils, the less we have to worry about the vast desire for it. If we were able to use natural gas as an everyday source of energy, we would not only save money but we would be saving the environment.

“[Natural Gas] is colorless, shapeless, and odorless in its pure form… and when burned it gives off a great deal of energy and few emissions” ( The amount of pollution we would be eliminating if we used natural gas would be drastic. Natural gas comes straight from the ground which makes it a pure gas. The significance of natural gas being a pure gas is that it does not have chemicals added to it. When this is used as energy it does not produce any excess smoke or hazardous chemicals. For so many years, the United States has pushed for more ways of protecting our planet. However, one issue that still continues to arise is the issue of pollution. The harmful gases that power plants, homes, and cars give off can potentially be deadly. Natural Gas will not only cut down on the amount of pollution, it will almost completely eliminate it.

The final reason that natural gas will grow due to the high demand for it is the potential jobs. “President Obama said in his State of the Union address in January that natural gas drilling could create 600,000 jobs nationally” ( The reason that natural gas has become so popular is not all about the energy it provides; nor...

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