Petroleum Engineering

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close look at my Resume will indicate that I majored in the exploitation of oil and gas fields in my undergraduate program and specialized in petroleum engineering, a similar specialty, in my Master’s program. It may well be asked why I maintain such a close affinity with petroleum. The answer is simple and straightforward—because I was born and I grew up on an oil field and I have cherished a deep love for all that it represent. Even as a child, I had a habit of watching for hours how beam-pumping units, standing as if like a miniature forest, worked, indulging myself in all kinds of fantasies and reflections about the mysterious reservoir underground with great curiosity. I imagined that someday I would be able to unveil its mysteries. With the lapse of time, I am approaching the 30th year of my age and a cursory retrospection makes me realize that, for nearly a decade, I have been making efforts toward this objective. The black petroleum continues to hold me fascinated and spellbound with its infinite attractions. In order to understand petroleum better, I consider it necessary to travel to the other side of the Pacific Ocean to improve my knowledge and expertise in petroleum research.

I am most proud that I have obtained both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree through 7 years of dedicated academic efforts at Beijing University of Petroleum , China’s most prestigious institution of higher learning in the field of petroleum. What made me even more proud of myself is the outstanding scholastic performance and research achievements that I accomplished. For four consecutive years during the undergraduate program, I was awarded first-class scholarship and the honor of Student of Excellence, an honor to which only 3 out of 180 students were entitled. I also won second prize for the university’s first mathematics contest and the first prize for the physics contest. My distinguished scholastic aptitudes led to a direct Master’s program waived of entrance examination. During my Master’s program, the research project I undertook Research and Fabrication of the Automatically Electrical Equipment Used for Testing the Flow Parameters of Cores won the university’s second prize for scientific and technological progress. My research paper The Application of the Thermal Resistance and Heat Capacity Operator in the Simulation of Temperature Distribution of the Surrounding Areas of Wellbore Equipped with Electrothermal Paraffin Tools such as the Electric Heating Cable or Rod won first prize at the university’s Treatise Presentation. Furthermore, I own one patent for the Automatically Electrical Instrument for Measuring the Flow Parameters of Cores and was awarded IET scholarship, the highest-level scholarship in China awarded to students who study energy sources.

By studying each course with serious interest, I gained a complete understanding, on both theoretical and practical level, of how bodies of underground oil, gas and water move and how to tap the resources that they represent. In addition, I learned how to reconstruct the distribution of underground oil, gas and water by means of numerical simulation software, how to create three-dimensional geological model of the oil reservoir, and how to prepare plans of oil field development. Whenever I succeeded in creating a three-dimensional model, or preparing the plan for oil field development, I would be very excited because I could see that my child dreams were being fulfilled one by one. And each time when I saw my research papers being published in the nation’s core periodicals and journals and wining high evaluations from experts, I could experience a great sense of achievement. So far, I have published 7 papers in such periodicals and journals (please refer to my Resume for more detailed information.)

With a view to solving practical problems, my thesis for the Bachelor’s program, The Simulation of Temperature Distribution of the Surrounding Areas of Wellbore Equipped...
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