Petroleum Gasoline Questionnaire

Topics: Propane, Petroleum, Natural gas Pages: 6 (988 words) Published: April 4, 2011
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This objective of this questionnaire is to increase the public’s awareness about [Name of Company]’s new idea of introducing a metered petroleum gasoline distribution system to the Jamaican consumers and to obtain documentation of the publics opinion of the new system. The questionnaire should be completed by any resident aged 18 or over living at this address. Please read each question carefully and tick a box to indicate your answer. In most cases you will only have to tick one box but please read the questions carefully as sometimes you will need to tick more than one box. Answer the next question unless asked otherwise.

Once you have finished please take a minute to check you have answered all the questions that you should have answered. The survey consists of 7 pages and should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. • If you have any queries about the questionnaire please do not hesitate to contact Andrew O’Meally on 18768514626.

1. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the current petroleum gasoline distribution you are receiving? Please tick one box only

|Very satisfied | |
|Fairly satisfied | |
|Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied | |
|Fairly dissatisfied | |
|Very dissatisfied | |

2. How strongly do you feel you accept your current mode of petroleum gasoline distribution? Please tick one box only

|Very strongly | |
|Fairly strongly | |
|Not very strongly | |
|Not at all strongly | |

3. For how long have you been using this range of hair products? Please tick one box only |Less than 6 months | |
|6 months to a year | |
|More than a year | |

4. What problems do you face with the hair products that you currently use? ……………………………………………………………………………… 5. Are you interested in trying out a new type of petroleum gasoline distribution system? Please tick one box only |Yes | |

|No | |

Petroleum Gasoline Metered Distribution System
The possible configurations of natural gas transmission and distribution systems is, the natural gas flows from the producing wells into gathering line(s) through gathering lines and compressors or compressor stations after the compressor(s), through transmission lines. To a processing plant where the heavy ends, such as propane, butane, ethane or natural gasoline, which is initially components of the gas stream, are removed through the transmission line and additional compressors, directly to a city gate station or master meter system called the main.

A main is a distribution line that serves as a common source of supply for more than one service line These lines typically run up and down every street in a development where gas is served. Along the street at each house there is another line that runs to the house to deliver gas. These lines are called service lines. "service line is a distribution line that transports gas from a common source of supply (which is a main) to an individual customer, to two adjacent or adjoining residential or small commercial customers, or to multiple residential or small commercial customers served through a meter header or manifold. A service line ends at the outlet of the customer meter or at the connection to a customer's piping, whichever is further downstream, or at the connection to customer piping if there is no meter." A service line is the final section of pipe that transports gas to the end user or customer. 6. After reading the above service description, how interested would you be in using the described service? Please tick...
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