Topics: Liberalism, Individualism, Political philosophy Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Why do Classical Liberals favour Individualism? (15 marker)

Individualism refers to an idea that the individual freedom is maximised as the central focus of the ideology. In order for an individual to flourish and develop to maximise their happiness they should be allowed to be as free as possible. It supports supreme importance of the individual over any social group or collective body. As a concept it is believed that people must remain free to be happy. Classical liberals believe in two aspects of individualism, methodological individualism and egotistical individualism.

Methodological individualism refers to the idea that the whole ideology should be shaped and framed with the individual as the top priority all the other ideas that shape liberalism, freedom, equality, toleration, constitutionalism, justice and should put the individual first. This is a core belief of a classic liberal, as they believe that humans are naturally selfish and as a result when asked to work individually far more will be achieved. As they believe in a group, conflict to likely to arise.

Egotistical individualism refers to the idea that it is entirely natural and good thing that individuals put themselves first. It encourages people to pursue their own agenda’s therefore making progress. It highlights that self interest can often lead to progression, as we are rational and can be left to make our own future. However, modern liberals would argue that some people need help with this. This ideology focuses on the self-reliable nature of humans rather than saying people need help.

However, there are implications for the state if you want people to be as free as possible there are many consequences. As Locke said however ‘No laws means no freedom’ which reflects freedom is needed to make a human feel happy and individual. In conclusion, classical liberals believe that making freedom evident, inevitably happiness will arise; this is a result of the naturally...
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