Process of Making Gasoline

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Process of making gasoline
Gasoline is a flammable liquid that is made from the refinement of petroleum or better known as crude oil. It helps fuel cars, farm machinery, planes and other type of engines. What is petroleum? It’s a fossil fuel that supplies energy around the world than any other source out there. Petroleum, including gasoline is primarily a mixture between hydrocarbons and small amounts of other substances. In 1994, its known that the United States used up to 7,587,00 barrels of oil a day which concludes that America is the worlds largest consumer in oil. The majority of today’s crude oil is located along side the Persian Gulf Basin with some amounts in Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now what’s the first step to the manufacturing process of gasoline? The first step is to find the main ingredient, which is petroleum. After they find a spot where they think they could find a lot of crude oil they test drill and sample the spot to see if the chemicals are justified for more drilling to occur. After everything seems to be going well and the sample are just what their looking for the chief gives the thumbs up and the main drilling in order to suck up some oil from the ground occurs. Usually when the drilling occurs the wells could reach up to 1,000 feet into the ground. As the rotary drill is penetrating the ground, water is added. The addition of water to the soil in and around the hole is that it can create a thick mud so it could hold back the oil from “gushing” out from the ground due to internal pressure. As the drill reach its destination point in the ground the mud holds back the oil as the drill is removed and a pipe is inserted to recover the oil.

The recovery process is a complicated system of pipes that is installed directly into the drilling well. The natural internal pressure brings up the oil out the well and through the pipes. The end of the pipe are connected to a recovery...
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