Professional Networking Plan at a conference

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Professional Networking Plan at the Conference
I plan to attend the American Association of Petroleum Geologist/Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationist (AAPG/NAPE) Conference which comes up in November of this year in Lagos, Nigeria. The conference brings together professionals in oil and gas field, professors and faculties from the universities, students of various geosciences disciplines as well as other stakeholders servicing the oil industry in one capacity or the other. No doubt, opportunities for professional development and credibility enhancement within the profession exist at the conference. My areas of strength and skills enhancement

I have over twenty years oil and gas experience spanned over four continents – Europe, America, Middle East and Africa and therefore will be well versed in different geology of the world to make ample contribution at the various forums in the conference. I also have two years banking and financial experience before oil and gas employment. This will greatly add value to the discussions about financing the highly risky oil and gas ventures in Nigeria. The current debate on the Petroleum Industry Bill to be passed in Nigeria offers a significant opportunity for Public Policy analysis that can be of great benefit to me. With my recent learnings about public administration and expectations of leadership, I hope to contribute effectively in many of the contentious discussions around this policy. I will like to enhance my skills in managing differing issues by various contributors as there exist many views by the different governmental, institutional and community stakeholders at the conference. Even amongst oil industry professionals, there are differing viewpoints, hence a sleek collaboration effort will be required to rally the troops and get a meaningful agreement. I will also likely enhance the array of oil service company executives that can form alliance in future business with our company. This...

References: Crosby, B.C. and Bryson. J.M. (2005). Leadership for the Common Good: Tackling Public Problems in a Shared-Power World. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.
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