Topics: Petroleum, Pipeline transport, Natural gas Pages: 3 (802 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Legal Issues in Petroleum Management:
Following are the legal issues in Petroleum Management. The Acts/Rules which govern the legal issues are also indicated below:

| Legal Issues| Governing Act/ Rules|
1| Licence(For Prospecting Development and Production (i.e., Petroleum Exploration Licence P.E.L.))| Oilfields(Regulation and Development Act, (1948))| 2| Mining Lease | Petroleum Natural gas rules 1959|

3| Royalities| |
4| Inspections| |
5| Exploration/Exploration of petrol in territorial waters. Continentals shelf and exclusive economic zone.| Continentals shelf and exclusive economic zone and other Maritime zones Act, 1976.| 6| Levy of cess on crude oil and natural Gas| Oil industry development act 1974| 7| Oil Mininga. Drillingb. transport by pipe linec. accidentsd.Diseases of workmene.return| Oil Mines regulations 1984 | 8| Import by sea/land| Petroleum act 1934 and rules 2002| 9| Transport by water / pipeline| |

10| Storage| |
11| Testing of samples| |
12| Accidents with petroleum| Petroleum rules 2002|
13| Laying down of pipe lines and transporation of petroleum by pipe lines| Petroleum and mineral pipe lines| 14| Gas cylinder| Explosives act 1884 and gas cylinder rules 1981| 15| Construction and fitment of static pressure vessels and transport of compressed gas| Static & Mobile pressure vessels (unfired rules 1981)| 16| Labour and safety in mines,hours of work, wages and medical exam of persons | Mines act 1952 and Mines rules 1955| 17| Use of forest land for non-forest activity| Forest act 1980(conservation)|

2. Mining Lease Petroleum Natural (Before Commercial Production) Gas Rules 1959 3. Royalties 4. Inspections Rules deal with transfer or assignment, of his rights by licensee, Pre-emption in emergent situations, suspension and cancellation of Petroleum Licenses and Leases. 5....
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