Property by John Locke

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Locke starts the chapter by saying that wheather we consider natural reason or revelation it is clear that earth belongs to mankind in common. Locke does not contet himself to answer that if ti be difficult to make out property upon a revelation ( a suppositon that God gave the world to Adam and his posterity in common) but he rather will show how men might come to have a property in several parts of that which god gave to mankind in common, and that without any express compact of all the commoners.

Locke states that because the earth is given to mankind it has the reason and right to make use of it to the best advantage of life and convenience. The earth and all that there is in is given to men for their use to support their existing. So all the fruits earth naturally produces and all the beast that it feeds belong to mankind in common, as they are produced by the nature itself without anyt effort put in by men. As long as the goods given by earth are in this natural state no body has a private dominon in any of them. Still being given for the use of men there must be a means to appropriate them some way or other.

Though all the creatures of the earth are common to men, yeat every men has a property in his own person. Also the labour that he makes is his own. So the labour that man puts in common goods makes them after this his property at least where there is enough, and as good, left in common for others. So that labour puts a distinction between private and common: that added something to them more than nature, the common mother of all, had done; and so they became his private right.

Further this law of nature that by this means give us property, does also bound that property too. Man can own and make property as much of whitch he can make use of: whatever is beyond this is more than his share and belongs to others.

But as the cheif matter of property is the earth itself instead of the fruits of the earth and the beasts...
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