Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Web 2.0 Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: February 20, 2015
In this chapter, the researcher will provide an overview of the current system and shed some light on the operational technicalities of the proposed system. 1.1 BACKGROUND
The world wide web to life in 1990 when researchers at Switzerland’s CERN laboratory needed to documents and graphics via the internet but needed something more than simple file was this series of events that led up to the creation of the most significant evolutionary period in application development. After the initial introduction of the web, a specification emerged; CGI, or the common gateway interface. This specification allowed resources, in the form of executable programs, to be requested by a web browser and executed by a web server via a standard uniform resource locator (URL). With the gradual evolution of online applications, religious organizations were part of these great phenomenon. Many schools in American Europe started shifting and diversify services in incorporating computers into their basic operations and services like students’ registrations, online application and E-learning. Today many schools have their services automated. Services are more efficient but challenges still burden the current system. Online systems have been invented to try to solve some of these challenges. The primary idea that necessitated the inception of this student online registration system was to ease the burden of students travelling long distances to the school offices which maybe several kilometers away. Lack of secure and well-coordinated record management was another challenge. Student information was manually recorded by the clerks and later stored in flat files inside a fire proof cabinet. Over time, the workload has increased tenfold. This is partly due to population increase of the students. As at now the total population of students stands as at 1000. Day-in-day-out the common scenario at the school administration offices can be clearly...
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