Ptt Public Company Limited Competitive Position

Topics: Petroleum, Coal, Natural gas Pages: 5 (1483 words) Published: July 3, 2013
PTT is currently ranked No. 95 among the world’s largest 500 companies (based on the 2011 performance), up from No. 128th in 2011, with sale revenues of 2,428,165 million Baht, or a jump by 529,483 million Baht or 27.9 percent from 2010. Furthermore, PTT, having successfully been assessed by the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment that covered economic, social and environmental factors, is currently ranked among the top 10 percent companies or one of the fifteen companies out of 125 firms to become Dow Jones Sustainability World Index’s 2012/2013 member (DJSI World) in the oil and gas producer sector before the targeted goal. : PTT Group’s average ROIC rate is currently 11 percent. However, PTT plans to improve the efficiency in each operation area; namely, project investment management, operation system, marketing and sales, business development, corporate strategy and investment, corporate finance, human resource and organizational management, stakeholder management, social responsibility and R&D and management of technology.

Upstream Petroleum & Gas Business Group
Oil and Gas Exploration & Production
PTT is currently investing through PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP) who currently explores and produces petroleum in 44 projects located in 12 countries with production capacity of 313,969 barrels of crude oil equivalent per day and 901 million barrels of crude oil equivalent reserves. PTTEP has defined key action plans in order to increase production as follows: • To expedite the exploration and production and an assessment process for drilling and exploration work in Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Algeria, Indonesia and others through projects such as the Zawtika and the Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) projects. • To expand the investment in the North American continent by focusing at liquefied petroleum gas projects such as shale gas and shale oil. • To seek strategic partners to expand investments in various regions around the world.

PTT is currently investing through PTT International Company Limited where it has invested in a coal mining business in Indonesia through PTT Mining Limited (PTTML). Through PTTML, the shareholding ratio in Sakari Resources Limited (SAR) has been increased which contributes to increases of coal production from 5 million tons to 10 million tons and coal reserves from 680 million tons to 1,400 million tons. Exports are now being made to Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, India and Taiwan.In addition, PTT is currently investing in a coal mining project in Madagascar through PTT Asia Pacific Mining Proprietary Limited (PTTAPM). The project is currently under an investment feasibility study while the coal mine is expected to boast 330 million tons of reserves. At the other front, a joint venture was set up to study coal reserves potential in Brunei and Cambodia while new investment opportunities are constantly being analyzed in target countries such as Indonesia, Australia, Myanmar, etc.

PTT is currently investing through PTT Green Energy Company Limited (PTTGE) which has a control over 196,258 hectares (PTTGE’s investment ratio only) of which 23,337 hectares have already been developed. PTTGE now owns 2 crude palm oil (CPO) mills that boast a production capacity of 45 tons per hour and 30 tons per hour, respectively. In addition, PTTGE has collaborated with local communities through an initiation of social responsibility activity/project. It has also introduced the zero waste management system to effectively manage the community’s environment.

Natural Gas
PTT is currently supplying, transporting, and distributing natural gas and products derived from gas-separation plants as well as retailing gas for vehicles and investing in other related businesses. PTT is sourcing natural gas from both domestic and overseas sources, in total contributes to over 969 cubic feet of liquefied natural gas imported per day which are being...
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