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Small Event Planning Timeline
This timeline should be used in conjunction with the full event checklist. This is just the timing of how the details of the event should unfold to help keep you on track. 3 Months Out
□ Create a committee to help with the planning and participate on the event day □ Design a theme or brand feel for the event
□ Nail down exact total budget amount (then deduct 10% to use as actual amount) □ Set the date- Checking all calendars (school, national, hosts, honoree & Deans office)  Send out save the date information if applicable

□ Secure a location- (see additional information as to how in step two of this toolkit) □ Invite and confirm with speakers/hosts
2 Months Out
□ Compile a guest list
□ Contact and book food caterers
□ Develop a program for event (be sure to schedule breaks between speakers, etc.) □ Establish who/what is the entertainment
□ Develop PR/invitations medium (remember with smaller events it is useful to be personal)
4 Weeks Out
□ Send out/post invitations, making sure all the appropriate information is included □ Develop menu with catering company (be sure to note any special needs, dietary etc.) □ Establish who will capture the event (make sure a staff member has access to a camera) 3 Weeks Out

□ Organize promotional/marketing activities (securing banners etc. from Wharton) □ Establish your events staffing needs (greeters, hosts, etc.) □ Plan for traveling needs of guest (parking, drivers, etc) □ Establish what AV needs there are (make sure you ask your speaker what they will need) 2 Weeks Out

□ Confirm: RSVP’s List, Catering/Drink Menu and any additional vendors □ Pay deposits
□ Call any guest that have not confirmed their acceptance/decline of invitation

1 Week Out
□ Brief Staff and ensure everyone knows what their job will be day of event □ Confirm all arrangements again
□ Make sure event (if appropriate) is well advertized (posters, flyers, etc.) □ Pre-pay parking or any charges guests might...
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