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Topics: Petroleum, Mining, Metallurgy Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: March 23, 2014
I am applying to a scholarship for becoming a Metallurgical Engineer. I study Chemical Engineering because I love chemical processes and in Ecuador although Chemical Engineering is an old bachelor degree, some processes and industries are growing. Ecuador is a country in which government is developing its industry, especially in petrochemical processes and mining processes because we have a lot of these resources and we have not exploded yet. About petroleum, we sell crude oil and buy derivatives. That’s why we need to start in petrochemical industry. About mining industry, although we have primary mines, we have not developed industries which are friendly with the environment and because of our primary mining, we have not developed mineral recycling processes, we only recycle steel from iron.

I do not like Petrochemical Engineering, that’s why I would prefer to study Metallurgical Engineering. I would like to develop this industry in my country, buy I would not like to develop only the primary mining industry, I would like to study recycling metallurgical processes for trying to open my own business. Other research I would like to study is the production of high hardness activated carbon prepared with biomass; actually my dissertation for getting my degree is about this. This is a kind of recycling, because in Ecuador, we have a lot of biomass which we do not recover. We are an agricultural country, however, the biomass we do not use, for example: husk, bagasse or shells, we litter. I want to find other uses of this biomass. One of the most important uses is for producing activated carbon, another could be to use as an alternative combustible.
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