Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage

Topics: Petroleum, Heavy crude oil, Oil sands Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: January 28, 2013
To relief the high demand of energy, countries like United States, Venezuela and especially Canada with 232 billion bbl recoverable unconventional reservoirs which contain bitumen, heavy oil and extra heavy oil as remarkable resources of energy. The reducing high quality oil resources and increase of oil price contributed to production from heavy oil reservoirs in recent years. This paper investigates the heavy crude oil properties and evaluates the steam-assisted gravity drainage(SAGD) which has become the method of choice for oil sand producers and it is therefore critical to optimize this process. Analysis has been done to realize the influence of different parameters on SAGD. The effects of parameters such as horizontal well length, steam quality, viscosity, porosity, permeability in both horizontal and vertical directions, injection well location, injection rate, shale barrier and grid refinement on proficiency of SAGD are analysed. The following findings were obtained:

Higher viscosity.| Higher CSOR ate earlier times.|
Same permeability with one having low porosity.| Better recovery factor.| Injector well location closer than 5m to the producer.| Higher CSOR and lower recovery.| Optimum rate of steam injection.| Higher CSOR and higher recovery. | Optimum preheating period.| Higher CSOR and higher recovery.| Horizontal shale barrier.| Hinder steam chamber growth.|

Higher steam quality.| Better effects on SAGD performance.| Wells with larger length.| Better oil production.|

Higher vertical and horizontal permeability, injection rate and steam quality have positive effect on oil production while Lower porosity, absence of preheating period and higher injection rate have adverse effects on steam-oil ratio(SOR) . Preheating period has impact on SOR at the start of the process. In fact without preheating period the amount of SOR at the start of process is very high. Horizontal shale barrier has more negative effect on oil...
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