Strategic Marketing Lukoil

Topics: Petroleum, Petrochemical, Natural gas Pages: 4 (1146 words) Published: January 19, 2011
SWOT Analysis

* One of the 5 oil and gas supermajors in the world;
* The second largest public company in terms of proven oil and gas reserves; * LUKOIL carries out exploration and/or production of oil and gas in Russia and thirty other countries; * Partnerships with international and Russian companies (Strategic Partnership Agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), Gazprom and LUKOIL partnership agreement; * Transparent corporate structure;

* Managers use participative approach;
* LUKOIL hires local employees;
* No clash with government or any other agency;
* LUKOIL provides in time delivery to their petrol pumps; * LUKOIL has high quality products;
* LUKOIL has a high financial capability;
* Strategic location of stations and oil deposits;
* Single manufacturer and marketer of solid fuel as RT-TS1 which is superior to those offered by the competitors;

* Diminishing amounts of easy extractable oil, that leads to higher costs for extraction; * Smaller depth of extraction compared to western companies; * They are not offering any discount package to their loyal customers; * LUKOIL stations are poor in terms of marketing of the products compared to its competitors; * Lack of sponsorship for studies in technical branch;

* Poor promotion of the products;
* Taxes paid to the Governments for the import of oil & gas from non EU countries.


* An intense development of the new sector of power generation; * Expansion of exploration in promising regions, like Caspian Region; * Sale offerings of private oil stations in the territories where the presence of the company is lower; * The rising demand of solid fuels on the world market;

* The energetic industry worldwide in which demand prevails the offering; * The economic crisis that lowers the prices for factories, plants; * Partnership with ConocoPhillips,...
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