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Topics: Liberalism, International relations, Hans Morgenthau Pages: 2 (918 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Crisanta Dumbrava
Pol Sci 10-2695
Instructor: C. Lee
Subject Paper
Subject Paper 2.) At the end of the day, which theory of international relations presents the best possible explanation for nation-state behavior? Really consider the more persuasive aspects of each theoretical approach before reaching your decision. For decades theories have been used to explain events and as such present possible solutions to the current issue and predict issues in the international arena. Therefore, this gave a wide importance on the existence of war and how peace can be achieved, emerging a vast number of theories to explain the behavior in the international system. Out of the multiple theories that most influence in a nation state behavior, many believers have justified through their public explanations that realism and liberalism have the most concentrated compound in being influential in such matter. Realism focuses on the problems of international conflict. Realists see human nature as “inherently aggressive” (International Politics, Pg.65), due to the fact that over all there has been and seen a succession of wars. From the realist view, the distribution of power is the central force in international politics. The prominent realist Hans Morgenthau stated, “International politics, like all politics, is a struggle for power.” Basically, every state worldwide wants the ultimate power, however not everyone can be number one. Powerful states are safe, while weak states are not. Power is the main factor of any state to obtain any nation set goal. According to Kenneth Waltz, is “probable suicide”. Because power is a major concern and plays a central role in realist theories, defining and measuring power it could be very critical. This subject has been in various debates and it has been criticized in multiple occasions. Morgenthau has defined power as “man’s control over the minds and...
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