Swot Analysis - Exillion Energy

Topics: Peak oil, Petroleum, Late-2000s recession Pages: 6 (2048 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Swot analysis on Exillion Energy

“SWOT analysis is a tool used to determine an overall view of an organizations strategic position. It highlights the need for a strategy to produce a strong fit between the internal capability (strengths and weaknesses) and the external situation (opportunities and threats)” (Paul Baines, Chris Fill, Kelly Page, 2008) Strengths

There are many strengths that Exillion Energy have within their organisation. One of the strengths that Exillion Energy has is the drilling programme the organisation has in place to sustain and to try and increase oil production. This is a huge strength for Exillion Energy as there is a massive shortage in oil production so by Exillion Energy focusing on creating a programme to increase oil production is a huge strength as if this programme goes to plan Exillion Energy will have more oil production at their disposal, which also means they can sell more oil too countries.

One other strength that Exillion Energy has is by introducing a physical infrastructure to minimise operational costs. This is a strength to Exillion Energy as the company is looking for a way to reduce its costs an by introducing an infrastructure to minimise operational costs this is beneficial to Exillion Energy as this would mean that they will be trying to reduce the costs of overheads, cost of electricity and some personal office wages.

One other strength that Exillion Energy has that they have had no natural disasters so this would be any oil spills or anything that has had an affect on the industry or the environment. This is a massive strength for Exillion Energy as this clearly emphasises to the industry and the people out their that Exillion Energy comply to the highest safety rules and this has resulted in not having any natural disasters. What this will also result in is more consumers trusting on Exillion Energy as they haven’t had any disasters in company’s history and this would be one of the strengths the Exillion Energy would use to sell and negotiate to their consumers. by Exillion Energy having no natural disasters and being consistent this has also lead to a high quality of rating in Health and Safety for the company which again is a massive strength as this gives them a better position in the industry then some of the other oil companies in the industry who have experienced natural disasters.

One other strength that Exillion Energy have is the downturn in the economy which is therefore lead into the recession. Why the economy falling into a recession has been a strength for Exillion Energy is that if the company is not doing so well the recession gives Exillion Energy the opportunity to make staff in the workforce redundant as they cannot afford to pay their staff. One other strength for the company would be that that if they feel some workers are not giving 100 per cent towards the mission of the company then by the economy going into a recession this also gives Exillion Energy the excuse to get make people who they think are not working hard enough for the company redundant also. Source – Parliament UK


There are many weaknesses that Exillion Energy has within their organisation that affects them. One of the weaknesses that Exillion Energy have is that they are considers as one of the small organisations in the industry compared too some of the big companies such as Shell, BP and Exon Mobil. So therefore this is considered as a weakness as this means that a lot of people are not aware of Exillion Energy due to the bigger organisations so therefore they are considered as the minorities of the industry that does not play a good affect on Exillion Energy.

One other weakness that Exillion Energy have is that the decline in oil production, this is a huge weakness for Exillion Energy as oil production has already peaked and will fall by half as soon as 2030, according to a report by a (German-based Energy Watch Group) which also warns...
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