Swot Analysis of British Petroleum

Topics: Petroleum, BP, ARCO Pages: 4 (1120 words) Published: April 4, 2013

Company overview

British Petroleum (BP) is the world largest retailer of gasoline in the United States. It ranks at the top of three global oil and gas industry. From the corporate watch website (2009), it pointed out that almost 70% of the profits are gained from the US and Europe. In addition, BP is also devoted for aviation fuels and shipping aspects. It is reported that about 900 ports and more than 1400 airports have been supplied by the BP’s lubricants and fuels. Meanwhile, BP has operated on other countries such as Asia and South America in order to expand its market and explorations.

Company history

BP was a company established by William Knox D’ Arcy, an Englishman who venture to Persia to explore oil. Through years 1901 to 1908, the company underwent a vague beginning. From the official website (2011), it showed that the company was almost closed down with failure and huge loss due to a long exploration for oil. The company registered in 1909 and became success since the financial problems. From years 1925 to 1970, BP has experienced two big changes: world war and the post war which made the company change its development to other places. Fortunately, BP came back to its roots from the year 1971, and now the company is operated well with a remarkable alternation of identity symbolizes energy.

Company brands

According to the official website (2011), there are six of brands belong to BP with the same idea. One of the main brands is BP, which focus on energy. It helps the world combine together with the energy through fuels or petrol. Aral is another brand related to the automobile energy with almost 2.5 million consumers visit each day. In 2000, ARCO joined BP with its primary business philosophy: “high volume equals low cost”. Moreover, Castrol’s lubricants are famous in race. Some famous companies such as Audi, BMW, and others preferred to use its products. In addition, Wild Bean Café and ampm are published to consider...
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