tajikistan and green econony

Topics: Petroleum, Alternative fuel, Carbon dioxide Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: September 19, 2014
United Nations Environment Programme,

Recognising the 2000 Millennium Development Goal (MDG) seven, target 9 in which States are asked to integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programs and reverse the loss of environmental resources,

Recalling the Avoid-Shift-Improve Framework which enables development stakeholders to holistically design low-emission transport strategies by assessing opportunities to avoid the need for travel, shift to less carbon-intensive modes, and improve on conventional technologies, infrastructure, and policies,

Fully believing in the tremendous regional impact of land transportation on climate change,              
Emphasizing the need to build upon existing natural resource infrastructure in order to facilitate a smooth transition to a “green” economy in particular in transportation,              
Believing in A/RES/67/210 for the promotion of new and renewable resources to support the expansion a successful transition to a “green” economy by the strategic use of States’ natural resources in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from incumbent fossil fuels,

Reaffirming A/RES/40/200 for international co-operation in the field of the environment,

Noting further A/RES/68/230 for South-South Cooperation as an important tool to spread “green” economies and technology with respect to infrastructure and fuel,

Reiterating A/RES/67/215 and the importance of creating new and innovative methods for replacing and/or enhancing current technology in order to better preserve the environment,

Echoing the importance of Member State sovereignty regarding this topic as described in Chapter 1, Article II of the United Nations Charter,

Emphasizing the necessity of involvement of the private sector as repeatedly described in Agenda 21,

Keeping in mind the targets described in the Green Fuel Economy Initiative Plan of Action for 2012-2015 to incorporate private sector funding and...
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