The Change of Art in During the Enlightenment

Topics: Baroque music, Music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: October 9, 2012
During the 1700’s much changed. Thing like people’s freedom of speech, equality among more people. So much changed; such as, the world of arts. The Enlightenment changed a lot in the lives of people. It changed the arts; music literature, and painting. One, of the many things that changed during the Enlightenment period was music. Before the Enlightenment music was called the Baroque Music. In those times Bach and Handel were popular. When the Enlightenment came and changed things it was now called Classical Music. Classical was all about dynamics, orchestral color, use of rhythm, use of tone to form long periods of tension and release, and so much more. Baroque Music expressed order, like the fundamental order of the universe. Although, it was always lively, and tuneful, it was bizarre. Baroque music was like no other and then came this softly played relaxing tune called Classical music. It was a large change from what was before. Second, of many art things that changed literature was one of them. Reading went under serious changes in the 18th century. Rolf Engelsing called this the Reading Revolution. Before 1750 people didn't read much; they had few books in amount, reread them, and often read them in groups. After, 1750 the people began reading more and more. They bought new books, and often read alone. The Bibliotheque Bleue, a collection of cheaply produced books, published in Troyes, France were often bought by those of the lower class. The upper class-man were lucky, they had libraries that lent out books for a small fee.
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