The Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a special festival in China. We have this festival once a year around January and February, it is not the same date every year in Christian calendar but it is the same date in lunar calendar. It last for two weeks. People will buy new clothes and decorate their house before Chinese New Year because they believe that a new year begins, then everything should be new and everything returns to the beginning. They also go to flower market and there are a lot of flowers for people to decorate their home. At the New Year’s Eve, there is a beautiful firework display; a lot of people will go to the Victoria Harbour waterfront to watch the amazing fireworks. In the two weeks long of Chinese New Year, people visit their friends or relatives. They greet each other, the person who is already married should give red packets to the people who hasn’t marred. There also have lion dance and firecrackers, but Hong Kong is not allowed to discharge of firecrackers. The lion dance is incredible, the people on the paper lion can jump everywhere, some stools are so high and they can jump on it easily. I enjoy this festival every year, I visited my relatives and friends and I received a lot of red packets too. My mum bought a lot of comely flowers in the flower market. My dad write spring couplet and stick it on the entrance door. It won’t take down until the next Chinese New Year, this is a tradition. I think a lot of activities in this festival are blind worship but I still enjoyed it. In the last day of Chinese New Year of every year, I always want to jump to next year faster. If you come to China, you must not miss this festival.
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