The Constitution Party Essay

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History of The Constitution Party
The Constitution Party is a right wing nationalist political party that beleives that the United States is a Chrisitan Nation founded on the basis of the Bible. The party was founded as the "US Taxpayers' Party" by Howard Phillips, who believed his party was drifting too far to the left side of the political spectrum. The party's name was changed to the Consituion Party in 1999. The party's platform is based on the party's understanding of the original intent of the nation's founding documents. This party supports limited federal government as outllined in the US Constitution, with all the powers retained by the peopleof the statesas provided by the tenth amendment. Although the Tea Party and Constitutional Party have many things in common, the Constitutional Party is a legally registered party. The Constituion Party was named this to better reflect the party’s primary focus of re-establishing the American Constitutional Republic according to the actual intent of the writers of the U.S. Constitution.The Constitution Party is committed to restoring the government to its constitutional limited authority. The party absorbed the American Independent Party, which was founded for George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign.The Constitution Party candidate, former congressman Tom Tancredo, came in second place in the 2010 Colorado gubernatorial election, ahead of Republican Dan Maes.
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