The importance of non-renewable raw materials.

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The importance of non-renewable raw materials.
Non-renewable resources are resources of economic value that cannot be rapidly replaced by natural means on a level equal to its consumption. They are used on a daily basis for such trivial things as creating electricity, heating homes, powering vehicles and manufacturing goods. Most of us do not even realise how dependent we are on fossil fuels and metal ores. However, they have become an indespensible part of modern technologically advanced society. Fossil fuels are unequally distributed throughout the earth consentarting in those areas where carbon-based life forms used to thrive. Since the invention of internal combustion engine, petroleum and other fossil fuels have become dominant all over the globe. Thus, countries in possession of them have gained economic advantage and polical control over the rest of the world forced to buy petrol at the named price. Countries less rich in crude oil and gas have conducted numerous researches suggesting that finite resources will soon be depleted and consequently, the humanity will be forced to switch to alternative sources of energy. Millions of dollars have been spent on developing alternative sources which will not only substitute finite resources in case of their depletion, but will also be less harmful to the environment. Nowadays there is a vast diversity of ways to generate power. Solar, wind, water and even geothermal power is no longer a topic for a science fiction book, but a creative solution to environmental problems. The process of producing gas or oil is not only difficult and technologically demanding, carbon based fuels also greatly contibute to the global warming. Meanwhile, renewable sources of energy are based on natural processes involving basic equipment and what is more important they are said to be friendly to the environment by minimizing harmful gas emission. In my opinion, advocates of both opposing parties (of those who own fuel...
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