The Keystone Xl Pipeline Project

Topics: Petroleum, Bitumen, Pipeline transport Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: April 28, 2013
To Build Or Not to Build?
The Keystone XL Pipeline Project has many pros and cons just as any project does, but this project has way bigger cons than most projects this country will face today. “The Keystone XL Pipeline is an environmental crime in progress.” “It’s also been called the most destructive project on the planet.” The major issues with the Keystone XL Pipeline are “the dirty tar sands oil, the water waste, indigenous populations, refining tar sands oil and don’t forget the inevitable; pipeline spills.” And these are just some of the environmental issues, not too mention how building this thing from Canada to Texas; 2,100 miles to be exact, is affecting the people and their land, as stated “this isn’t a little tiny pipeline, this is a pipeline that cuts our country in half.”

The dirty tar sands oil is just one of the environmental issues with this pipeline. “During tar sands oil production alone, levels of carbon dioxide are three times higher than those of conventional oil.” “With the Keystone XL Pipeline carrying 900,000 barrels of the dirty tar sands oil into the United States daily, doubling our country’s reliance on it and resulting in climate-damaging emissions equal to adding more than six million new cars to the U.S. roads.” “This pool of tar sands is the second largest pool of carbon on the Earth and if we start tapping into these unconventional energy sources, it’s essentially game over for the climate.”

Another major environmental issue with the Keystone XL Pipeline is the water waste. “During tar sands oil extraction process, vast amounts of water are needed to separate the extracted product, bitumen, from sand, silt, and clay. It takes three barrels of water to extract each single barrel of oil;”5 that’s 2,700,000 barrels of wasted water a day. “Ninety percent of this polluted water is dumped into large human-made pools, known as tailing ponds, after it’s used. These ponds are home to toxic sludge, full of harmful substances like...
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