The Liberal Principles as an Ir Theory

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International Relations
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The constant change and development in the world requires that individuals,enlightened people and state officials comply with the challenges that caused by the metamorphosis in world incidents in order to perform it a better place. It can be said that this is the fundamental principles of liberalism through a straight critique of realism. Liberalism is seemingly a very complicated concept since several authors contribute to literature from various point of views and approaches. By contrast with realism in which the important points are clear, these abundance of liberal perspectives are burdensome. Despite of all, this essay will answer the question of what are the basic liberal principles as an IR theory. Liberalism is generally considered the second great body of theory in contemporary international politics, although technically it is the first (the first generation of international relations scholars in England after the First World War were predominantly what we would now call liberals). Note that this body of theory does not necessarily bear any significant relationship to people described as "liberals" in contemporary American politics; while some idealists are politically liberal peace activists, the theory also technically incorporates American neoconservatives who see the mission of the United States as spreading democratic systems around the world. Effectively, where realists see competition and conflict, liberals see opportunities for cooperation. This is particularly so in their defence of international law, economic cooperation, and the spread of democracy as the most important mechanisms for building world peace. According to idealism, a state's foreign policy is not determined entirely by the international system around it, but rather by its own internal order - democratic,...

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