The Middle and Working Class in 1848 (in France)

Topics: French Revolution, Liberalism, Sociology Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: February 20, 2009
The Political Republicans and the Social Republicans in France in 1848 Louis Blanc, a social republican, represented the working class and he had the right to established national workshops to provide jobs for the jobless. For example, Louis Blanc wanted the government to support the workshops being established for workers but the workshops would be a big step towards a noncompetitive social order and the moderate republicans didn’t like that. This example shows one of the causes that divided the two groups because the working class needed workshops and the middle class were only willing to help out for a short amount of time. The outcome was that the national workshops got set up however it wasn’t exactly what the working class wanted but it was better than nothing. Another example is, when Alexis de Tocqueville came back from Normandy to meet with the Constituent Assembly he saw that most the assembly desired a republic and was against the socialists. This shows that even the Constituent Assembly went against the working class and decided on a republican government. This also explains that the two groups had totally different ideas about the government and so they separated and fought each other for the government that they thought was right for France. In conclusion, the revolution in France failed and instead of the democratic republic the Constituent Assembly finished the constitution bringing forward Louis Napoleon. In the end, Alphonse Lamartine supported the moderate reforms although they sort of helped out the working poor with pity and Louis Blanc did all he could to lend a hand to the working class. Overall, 1848 was a social and economic change for France.
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