The Nokia and Samsung brand personality

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Brand, Factor analysis Pages: 6 (3187 words) Published: October 11, 2014
International Journal of Advances in Psychology Vol. 1 Iss. 3, November 2012

The Nokia and Samsung Brand Personality in
Wendian Shi1**, Yanhong Luo2 and Liheng Yang2
Educational School,Shanghai Normal University, shanghai, China


Educational School, Ningxia University, Yinchuan, China


The purpose of this paper is to study and compare the brand
personality of Nokia and Samsung in Chinese situation for
brand building reference. This paper investigated Nokia and
Samsung brand personality. Results demonstrated that
Nokia brand personality has four dimensions (Sureness,
Reliability, Agility, Peacefulness), and Samsung has three
dimensions (Competence, Sophistication, Agility). The
absence of Ruggedness supports the implication of many
studies that Ruggedness is a culture-specific factor of United States in comparison with eastern country. Accessibility and availability of data are the main limitations for application in the future. This paper presents a new approach of optimal

choice which used case study of Nokia and Samsung. The
paper is aimed at HR and psychological people, especially
those who deal with people and provides very useful advice
for team management in enterprises.
Brand Personality; Brand building; Factors; Mathematical

As markets continue to mature and competition within
industries grows fiercer, companies will not succeed
purely on the basis of what products or services they
offer (Keller & Richey, 2006). The manufacturers of
many of the world’s leading brands expend a great
deal of effort putting personality into their brands
because brand personality can be an important tool in
differentiating a brand from its competition
(Aaker,1997), and strong and differentiated brands
significantly enhance firm performance (Colucci,
Montaguti, & Lago, 2008; Madden, Fehle, & Fournier,
2006; Warlop, Ratneshwar, & van Osselaer, 2005).
Brand personality has been defined as the set of
human personality traits that are both applicable to
and relevant to brands’ (Azoulay & Kapferer, 2003).

National Natural Science Fund of China(31160201)

** Corresponding author, Email:


Plummer (1984; 2000) argued that brand personality
might be crucial in understanding brand choice.
Indeed, at a time in which consumers consider product
quality as a given and competitors can easily copy
product characteristics, a strong brand identity and
personality are invaluable to build brand equity (van
Rekom, Jacobs, & Verlegh, 2006). Nokia brand and
Samsung brand list among the three highest selling
mobile phone brands, and the selling quantity of
Nokia mobile phone is more than Samsung. The
objective of the research is to study and compare the
brand personality of Nokia and Samsung for brand
building reference.
The work done by Markham (1972) was one of the
earliest to introduce the idea of using a personality
scale to study and compare a set of companies. One of
the most systematic and influential studies about
brand personality scale in recent years has been
developed by Jennifer Aaker (1997). The basic objective
of Jennifer Aaker’s study was to develop a valid and
reliable scale that could be used worldwide to measure
the brand personality. By employing a rigorous set of
procedures, she developed and evaluated a brand
personality scale with 42 personality traits and five
major personality dimensions, named Sincerity,
The scale proposed by Jennifer Aaker (1997) was
further expanded by Jennifer Aaker et al. (2001)
personalities in Japan and Spain, including both
utilitarian and symbolic functions. The results showed
that a set of “brand personality” dimensions are
common to both Japan and the United States (Sincerity,
Excitement, Competence, and...

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