To what extent do the UK’s major parties accept Thatcherite ideas and policies?

Topics: Liberalism, Conservatism, Conservative Party Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 19, 2014
To what extent do the UK’s major parties accept Thatcherite ideas and policies?

In 1975, Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative Party and began the idea of Thatcherism. Margaret Thatcher believed in individuality, radical change and a strong Government that enforces the law, rather than interfering in the economy. Her ideas were seen as being very similar to classical liberalism. Under her rule, the Conservatives were no longer truly conservative, as conservatives are usually opposed to too much individualism and liberty, and definitely do not want radical change. One of the UKs major parties is the conservative party. In today’s Conservative Party, Classical liberal ideology is still used. Consecutive leaders after Thatcher, continued on her ideas for example, believing in economic classical liberalism. However, to critique this, in recent times they have struggled to get their message across as supposedly they are liberals, and are sometimes against drugs and immigration-ideas which are much more right wing and against the very principles of Liberalism. This has meant that there has been less support, as people do not know what ideology the Conservatives are trying to represent, as some of their ideas seem to conflict with each other. In other words, this is very confusing for some of the public.

Since David Cameron, the conservatives have moved more to the right wing. Some of their main policies include, cracking down on immigration by bringing in Border police, creating more law and order and stopping people from being able to claim welfare benefits, especially if they are working. These policies are less liberal, which illustrates further that the conservatives are moving towards the right wing.

In 1997 Tony Blair was elected and there were not many changes for new Labour. Many thatcherite ideas remained the same and where not reversed. For example there was still a strong policy on law and order, this was because there were more...
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