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英语国家:只有先发制人-preemptive。后发制人post-emptive 这个词不存在。英语文化中就没这个概念。 英语,名前姓后,汉语姓前名后。

It is true that local idioms are not as strong as they were. 正译:It is true:事实是当地的习惯用语并没有以往那么强势。/真的,当地的习惯用语并没有以往那么强势。(Childish) 反译:这话不假,当地的习惯用语并没有以往那么强势。 Coca-colonialism
Hell-raising American journalist
Ah, yes.

I. 语序、时序、因果之倒反
A. 中文是先因后果,英语是先果后因。
a. It’s easy to see why Sydney has been vote “Best City” for three consecutive years by two leading international travel publications. Just take a look out over the spectacular harbor from the boardwalk of the world-renowned Opera House. Or visit Bondi, the seaside village set along one of the best beaches in the world. Then stroll through one of the many harborside parks rich with native birdlife. 英语:果因关系:放在最前边的结果-悉尼被选为“最佳城市”,后面则是被选中的原因。 汉语:翻译要反过来成因果的顺序:“只要从世界著名的悉尼歌剧院宽阔的滨海邦黛海滩滨海村观赏,然后到当地一座鸟类活跃的海滨公园信步徜徉,就不难看出,为什么两家国际一流的旅游杂志连续三年把悉尼选为 ‘最佳城市’了”。 B. 中文时间上一般是从前往后说,英文则从后向前,一句话中最早发生的事情,放在最后来说: a. No one will deny that what we have been able to do in the past five years is especially striking in view of the crisis which we inherited from the previous government. 汉语:考虑到上届政府遗留下的危机,我们在过去五年里所能取得的成就尤其显著,这一点是无可否认的。 C. 陈子昂的诗:“前不见古人,后不见来者”就不能直译 翻译: “Looking back, there is no great minds in the past. Looking before, there is no one in future.”-直译-狂傲无边 “We can not meet great minds in the past. Nor and now can we see one in future”. II. 方位逻辑之倒反

A. 汉语:东南西北
英语:north, south, east west
B. 汉语:东南、西南、东北、西北。
英语:southeast, southwest, northeast, northwest,
C. 汉英对照词语:
a. 里面穿的衣服-clothes underneath ( 下面穿的衣服) b. 内衣-underwear 而不是innerwear innards
c. 天上的风筝-a kite in the sky而不是a kite on the sky d. 天塌下来-the sky is falling in 而不是collapsing down; -汉语:天圆地方,天上地下,一个不规则体。英语:地球是诸多星球中的一个,天只能掉入宇宙中去。 e. 从天上掉下来-falling out of the sky (从天上掉出来),而不是falling down D. 说汉语的人和说英语的人看同样事务的角度不一样,描述也大相径庭: a. 双杠-parallel bars (平行杠)

b. 单杠-horizontal bar...
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