Two Things I Would Change in the World

Topics: Petroleum, Internal combustion engine, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Two things I would change in the world

The world has become a chaotic and a challenging place to live in. It is tough to choose only two things that the world should change, that’s why I am a strong believer of chain reactions. It was in 1913, when Max Bodenstein, a German chemist, first introduced this idea. What about changing something relatively small to achieve a bigger and major change in this enormous world?

It is common knowledge that environmental problems are getting worse every day. For a long time now, generations have been partially negligent about these issues. The world is the house of humanity: if we make our best to keep our houses clean and tidy, why not doing the same thing with our planet? In my opinion, hybrid cars are a huge component of the future of environmental awareness. Petrol cars should be replaced for hybrid cars. These cars are not only fuel efficient, but also they are much cleaner than normal vehicles (lesser CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions). A hybrid car uses two energy sources for its functioning: it does use gasoline, but in a much smaller amount, thanks to an electric motor, which exists for acceleration. It is true that the electricity used to charge electric vehicles comes from a source that emmits CO2, but this CO2 production is aproximately one-half of a combustion vehicle. Then, hybrid cars are not only a way to reduce polution, but also a way to avoid the crisis after the peak oil (a peak oil is the point in time when, after the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached, it declines). By making the petroleum industry dispensable, the planet would have even more advantages. First of all, oil extraction is costly. Oil spills have made huge damages on environment for years, and the planet was obliged to spend thousands of dollars in that account. Reducing spending in oil industry would allow investing in newer and safer fuels.

On the other hand, HIV/AIDS is an increasing threat for world population....
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