Unhappy Employees

Topics: Management, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Employment Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: July 20, 2006
Unhappy Employees
Operating in the everyday work environment causes many managers to be consumed in their everyday tasks. Many companies and organizations tend to overlook the unhappy attitudes of their employees. Their main concerns are sales goals and bottom line figures. It is not complicated to understand that managers are so busy and don't necessarily have the time to investigate every single employee issue that arises. It is an issue for the company, only when there is a decrease in the total sales goals or figures. For example, at the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) managers depend on their seniors to help with daily tasks and also keep upper management informed of any employee issues or concerns they are unaware of. A situation at DCAA, involving the resignation of three newly hired employees in a time frame of three days, this should have sparked some form of speculation. The points covered in the essay will assess the problem, discuss a solution, and analyze the application of the solution. TraSondra Frazier will explain why many employees are are unhappy in their current positions. For example, a team worked five consecutive ten hour days, which resulted in an incident where one of the team members became irate and began to express her feelings to her immediate supervisor. One of the significant points discussed was management's lack of appreciation. She also added late work nights, which did not include compensation or credit hours. Her recommendations were heard by management, but no actions were taken. She became so angry and upset with management's lack of concern she began coming in late and doing what she wanted to do. She felt the need to rectify the situation by showing her supervisor that if they had no concerns regarding her needs, she had no concerns regarding their company. At first, she started off doing small things and as time progressed her bad habits snowballed until it spiraled out of control. Her habitual lateness...
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