unit 9 task 4

Topics: Ethics, Liberalism, Service provider Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: November 6, 2013
P5 Rights, responsibilities and duties
Service providers in health care settings/ accusations have in general enough guidance through their legislations and code of practices to provide service user with right type of service/ care. However in some cases conflicts could arise between the rights that service user has and their ethical dilemmas. For example, if a service user is waiting for getting a blood infuse but the blood that is available is from a religious person whom might be not acceptable with service users religion, they have the right to get the blood infuse but also the right to refuse it and wait for suitable blood which they may get from their religion. And in live treating situations it causes dilemmas for service providers. Because, eservice users right to get the right/ equal treatment and their human right of being protected from harm are in this situation in conflict. Therefore, if these ethical values are applied to all service users by balancing there rights, responsibilities and duties in this case just wait till suitable blood is found with risk of patient dying, then equality and rights will have been met due to the fact that the care value base is built upon ethical principles and therefore places the service users at the heart of provision. Balancing services and resources

Health and social care service provider might face dilemmas when trying to balance the services and resources to service users. This due to the fact that the funding are limited and the demands are unlimited. Therefore the care workers may face difficult decisions on how to issue the resources available. For example, there are 3 people waiting for a liver transplant a young boy, a middle age man, and an elderly man and there is just one liver suitable for all three of them is available. The dilemma/ conflict that accrues whom should the liver been given to. The young boy as he has his whole lives ahead of him, should it be middle age man because he is in ripe of...
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