US education VS Finnish education

Topics: Education, United States, School Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: October 30, 2013
The Education Dilemma & a Finnish Solution
Twenty years ago America lead the world in education. Although, US universities still rank among the best in the world Americas grade schools no longer do so well. American students currently rank 31st in math, 17th in Science and 14th in reading (PISA) . These rankings are acquired through an international exam called the Programme for International Student Assessment or commonly called the PISA. As American students plummet further and further behind other developed countries professionals and parents alike are questioning what we could possibly do to reverse this dangerous trend; If not America's future is certainly grim, but the education dilemma does have promising solutions. When examining other countries who produce students who excel in these subjects it is only right to look toward the shining gem of the world's education systems, Finland. Their students currently rank 6th in the world in math, 2nd in science and 3rd in reading (PISA). Finlands schooling system presents many examples of how we can improve student learning and progress. By making simple changes and using Finland as a role model there is much hope for future American students to climb back up the worlds academic ladder once more. The best place to start in education is always with the students themselves. There is much to learn from the incite of youth and American students could learn from the attitudes held by students in Finland. Finland not only has a much smaller population but it is also more homogeneous which makes it difficult to compare to America. This is also true for other countries with high PISA scores such as Japan and South Korea. These factors makes it easier to maintain a standard among students. Despite these differences there are still ways that we can teach and encourage students to see learning in a different light. In Finland students are more academically focused while maintaining a very casual education experience. In...

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