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Topics: Entertainment, Film, Game Pages: 5 (536 words) Published: March 15, 2015

Name: Merelesita Saratibau
ID Number: S11074866

Type: Block Method
Title: Advantages and Disadvantages of Types of Entertainments On The People in Fiji.

C: Entertainment.
L: Advantages/ Disadvantages/Types of Entertainments in Fiji D: Discuss.

Context: Changes of entertainment taking place
Subject: Types of entertainment are entertainments which are entertain in different ways and people in Fiji mainly practices to entertain well enough be well entertained revise the sentence ... check grammar.

Limmited subject:-- Types of Entertainment have both a positive and negative Sides hence it is of an advantage together with disadvantage There are various advantages and disadvantages of intertainment in Fiji.

Issues: Are entertainments being well entertained as it benefits or does it have side effectsside effects.
It is important tio consider the various benefits and drawbacks of entertainment in Fiji .

Thesis statement: This essay will discuss both the benefits and disadvantages of type’s entertainment in the Fiji.
Support for thesis:
Side 1: Advantages of types of entertainment

Argument 1: give individuals a break
 From work
 From daily chores outline specific types of entertainment ,.Entertainments such as listening to music

Argument 2: For fun
 To enjoy
 To see new entertainments and to give new ideas give specific types of entertainment . Entertainment such as playing computer games and giving new ideas on computers.

Argument 3: Allows to clear mind to focus
 After stressful task
 Reduce any pain or sickness specify the types of entaertainment . Entertainment such as watching movies

Transition paragraph ; However . : These advantages are not even effective compared to the disadvantages

Expansion : The disadvantages of entertainment are very costly and effective.
Thesis statement 2 : The disadvantages of types of enetertainment

Side 2: Disadvantages of types of entertainment in Fiji
Argument 1: become addicted
 May lose focus on important things
 Cannot control or stop from getting entertainedentertained with regards to which types of entertainment. With regards to playing computer games most of the time.

Argument 2: Risk of not socialising

With friends and because the person is busy getting entertained at its own house
Lose touch with family members with regards to which types of entertainment . Entertainments such as listening to music and watching movies at all times

Restatement of thesis: it can be concluded that types of entertainment has both its advantages and disadvantages in Fiji state that side outweighs side 1. Side 2 outweighs side 1 because as for advantages a person might try to get entertained ,not knowing the actual fact that the person is getting more entertained that it is affecting the whole family or friends and as a disadvantage

Implication s: People in Fiji mainly depends on what entertainment to see or watch to get entertain and summarise all tghe disadvantages on side 2. The disadvantages of entertainment is losing focus for being addicted and risk of socialising with friends and families

Recommendations: People needs to limit the time of getting entertained and needs to be focus ed at all times on the important things such as ; You are being vague . Entertainment such as watching movies more than 4hrs

Final thought :people in Fiji should look at different types of entertainment lightly and not as a need to avold physical and mental problems

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