Victoria Flanders Position Paper 1 Oil Spill

Topics: Petroleum, Oil spill, Ethics Pages: 5 (1136 words) Published: March 17, 2015

Victoria L. Flanders
Enbridge Oil Spillage
Business Ethics
Human Resource 655
Winter 2015

In chapter one and two decision point to discuss the perspective of the ethical debate is who gets to decide on how to clean up the oil spill and what to do about the residents. Do the town of Wrigley’s residents get to decide the action plan? Or does the company need to come up with plan regarding what is ethical in their view?

There was report about the oil leak which was owned by energy company Enbridge. The oil leak happened in the town of Wrigley in Canada. The town was very upset and demanded a cleanup. The residents confronted the company by telling it how the oil spillage should be cleaned and what to do with the town people. Enbridge needs to figure out what is going on and what to do. Does the company need to own to the towns people of Wrigley for the oil spill?

In the town of Wrigley, there are only about one hundred and sixty-five people living in that small remote town. The majority of the people who live there have low level of education and half of the town is unemployed. The town people live a very basic lifestyle, fishing, hunting, and so forth; they mostly rely on the natural environment for a living.

Once Enbridge investigated, the company discovered that about a thousand and five hundred oil barrels had leaked and only leaked onland. However, the town people started to complain the water tasted funny once they found out about the oil spillage. Enbridge provided detailed documents, plans for their investigation, and details of the cleanup. The town people of Wrigley were still not satisfied and felt the information was difficult to understand. In addition, they felt insulted by Enbridge for offering only five thousand dollars to pay the community for their own expert to investigate and evaluate Enbridge’s plan. Furthermore, they requested a new swimming pool or hockey arena for the children to play in.

According to the documentation provided by the book, the other oil spill occurred about a year ago in the state of Michigan. The mist of the spillage had made onto the national headline for twenty thousand barrel of oil spillage into the river, while getting the approval for pipeline project and legal situation with the environmental people> Enbridge wants to make sure this does not happen again by making onto the national headline.

Meanwhile with all the chaos going on between the town people of Wrigley and the company of Enbridge, one thing to consider is who are the primary stakeholders. A few stakeholders to consider are: Employees- for whom the company provides safety and communication for information and/or updates. Community- who lives in the resident of the oil spill by providing communication of the area in order to continue develops economic within the business perspective. Which means the oil company has business within the community if appropriate (business partner) to help expand the community. In addition, the oil company must engage with the government representative due to code of conduct by following the law. Non-governmental organizational- the oil company are to consult with non-governmental organizational about finance, human rights and operations. Financers- to communicate with about money and where it is going to be spend on. Costumers- to gather information and survey of satisfaction of feedback about the oil company and its communities.

This discussion is going to mainly focus on one of the stakeholders: the community who lives in Wrigley. The community does not have the right to participate in the decision making but can be heard through the town/community meeting. This is one of the ways Enbridge can hear from the townspeople in order to consider about other compensation option and/or agreement other than new swimming pool and hockey arena for the children. The community will be kept inform while the...
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