Water and Air Pollution

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Response to question 8: Buzzelli and Jerrett note that Canada has no environmental justice legislation (p.1873). What sort of regulation should it have? Explain. One of the major concerns in the 21st century is the presence of pollution in every part of the World. The problem of pollution has been around for many years and has caused various devastations to the ecosystem. Pollution is the presence of contaminants into the environment which causes instability, harm or discomfort to the Environment. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy (noise, heat, and light). The causes of pollution can be classified into two types - man-made pollution and natural pollution. Natural pollution does not have a big impact on the quality of life since it has a balanced regenerated ability. On the other hand, the man-made pollution is a result of human activities and hard to get rid of, naturally people need to be in contact with the environment. Humans obtain resources from nature to maintain a healthy living. The population of people is increasing at a very high rate and the interaction between people and the environment is getting more intense. A big population with any level of technology would exploit the environment overwhelmingly. There are various types of pollution, however the main focus will be on air and water pollution. In reference to Canada (one of the largest countries), the environmental legislations implemented are not adequate to manage the pollution resulted by the extraction of the natural resources, and throughout the consumption of these resources. Pollution is one of the major problems seen in every part of the World and is more affecting the larger cities. It is not a problem that came suddenly it's our fault and has been a part of the daily life through many decades. First new regulations must be implemented to standardize the size and the spread of the oil sand and mining fields in Canada and...
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