Why did the Why did the Liberals win the 1906 election win the 1906 election?

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Why did the Liberals win the 1906 election?

In the1870s, the Conservative Party won three out of four elections and formed the government for 17 years out of a total of 20 years. It reflected the Conservative Party was the most powerful party in England at that time; they even had an overpowering majority of seats in the House of Lords. They had support from everywhere. However, the situation changed dramatically when the Liberal party won the general election in 1906 with an overwhelming majority of 400 seats as against 157 seats for the Conservatives party. This event was marked as the well-known ‘Liberal landslide’. There are several reasons why the Conservative lost such a large amount of seats; national efficiency, the imposition of Education Act and Licensing Act, tariff campaign and Neglect of social reform.

To begin with, The Boer War is one of the most important events. The war started in 1899 in South Africa; the enemies of the British were the Dutch farmers who found gold and diamonds in the Transvaal. They had conflict with the British miners and it the war began. It took them three years for the conservatives to end the war. In fact, it was too long for an empire to defeat a group of farmers. Money and time that were spent in war triggered the problem of poverty, and it got worse than the pre-war period. This weakened the military and finance, the results were revealed overtime. When the war ended, the Liberals noticed the need of social reform and they suggested taking action immediately. The idea of solving the problem of poverty gained them a lot of supporters. Moreover, the strategy used by the conservatives party to win over the Boers were immoral then caused an outrage. At that time, people that are suffering from poverty and other citizens such as non conformists chose to support the Liberals because they wanted a new life. They believed some of the new policy might help them with their situation that they were facing;...
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