Why Inspite of His Wish to Avoid Extreme Policies Did Louis Phillipe Fall from Power in 1848

Topics: Paris, Louis XVIII of France, Middle class Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: February 20, 2012
louis phillipe wanted to produce a liberal country thus he avoided extreme policies.he extinguished all harsh policies which charles x had imposed in france such as press censorship.however,although louis phillippe proved to be liberal and upheld all the revolutionary principles of 1789 his downfall was caused by the people of france,the ones whom he had ruled with justice.louis phillipe`s downfall was as a result of a combination of what he did,that is his unpopular policies and all that he had failed to do which he should have done both on domestic and foreign policy.

louis phillipe`s cautious foreign policy led to his downfall.amongst the several groups of french citizens,there was the bonapartist party which favoured millitary glory thus when louis phillipe failed top bring millitary glory to france,whereby he remained passive on the mehelmet ali crisis.louis did not assist mehelmet ali when other great powers threatened to intervene when he had gained victory against the sultan.worse still the other great powers did not invite france to the conference an dthis made the people of france furious.also his passiveness on the belgium revolts whereby he refused to let his son rule belgium and this would mean increase ininfluence to belgium,this made the people of france who so yearned for millitary glory and prestige to withdrew their support from louis phillipe when the 1848 revolutions occured.even larmantine stated that france was bored and this led to his downfall.

inspite of his wish to avoid extreme policies,louis phillipe introduced unpopular policies which led to his downfall.louis phillipe was a fine gentleman who was a bourgoise and any reform he was to introduce he would have to consider the middle4 class first,for example on the voting issue,the franchise proved to be narrow as it onlyenabled 200000 people to vote.the rich middle class were the only ones who could manage to vote hence leading to their domination in the parliament and this did...
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