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Quote Essay
Winston Churchill once said, “Only a man with no heart would be conservative when he is young; only a man with no brain would be liberal when he is older” and this proved to be very true. Winston Churchill is directly saying that young people are liberals while old people are conservatives. This Quote implies that liberals are not very smart and young people are generally liberal and that conservatives are not very kind and genuine and old people are generally conservative. This Quote also implies that if a young person is not liberal, he is not kind and if an old person is not conservative when he is old, he is not smart. This theory does prove to be true as it is proven by the actions and beliefs of conservatives and liberals and through the old and young generation beliefs. Liberals are generally supported by the young people while conservatives are generally supported by the old people. Although some old people might be liberal and some young people might be conservative, Churchill’s quote applies generally to everyone and so generally speaking young people are more liberal while old people are more conservative. Also according to Churchill’s quote liberals are more kind while conservatives are smarter and this is also generally true as liberals focus on a theoretical approach while conservatives focus on a practical approach. 54 % the American population between the ages of 17 and 29 years old were liberal. Also the average age of a conservative is 47 years. An issue that I might feel different about when I get older would be education as I might agree with conservative views when I get older but I agree with liberal views now because I believe public school are the best way to educate students but when I get older I might be able to see that school vouchers create competition as I would have already experienced learning in a public high school. Also when I get older I might want other students to get the best education through competition in...
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