Young People In Today Are Less De

Topics: History, Reason, Sociology Pages: 1 (571 words) Published: November 17, 2014
1. Young people in today are less dependent on their parent than in the past.

As far as I know, in the past, people were lived in an environment which is extremely insecure, as they had to carry weapon with them in daily life. Moreover, in the ancient time, traveling is not something that everyone enabled to do, as the letter may not reach the people who were cared by them. Although the past world might seem more free and interesting to the modern people, I would say that, with my own careful deliberation, the young people in today are less dependent on their parent than in the past. My point of view could be circumstantiated by the following two reasons. First, the current world is far more secure than the past; second, the method of communication is far effective than the past.

To begin with, young people in today are more independent on their parent than in the past is because the modern world is far more secure and reliable than the past. In the modern society, the environment which people live in is equipped with the surveillance system, full-time security personnel, and whole-time automatic alarm system for fire. In the past, all those systems which protect people everyday are inconceivable. For example, when my father travels to Shanghai in 40 years ago, he has to carry many commodities with him, as he was worried about there is no place in his way to sell those necessities. Moreover, he also carried a small knife, for there might be robbery on the way. On the contrast, when I travel to Shanghai last year, I carried only few things in my bag, and this traveling is merely complicated than going to school in my city. My parents did not worry about me, and everything is easy and safe. In a word, with the development of technology, both parents and children have little to worry about, for the society has been developed in a certain level where being independent is easy and conceivable.

Secondly, despite of my first reason, I agree with my...
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