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HBS Case: Botswana: A Diamond in the Rough

1. Is Botswana a success story?
2. What accounts for the country's performance? 3. Is this performance sustainable?
4. What are the implications for Botswana in the context of globalization?

Thunderbird case: Dealing with Governments in Emerging Markets: The Crude Oil (OCP) in Ecuador

1. What conflicts must foreign oil companies resolve in deciding whether or not to invest in Ecuador? 2. Is there a strategy that makes sense for a firm (Texaco/Occidental or smaller firm) to continue to pursue upstream oil business in Ecuador? What would you - as an “external consultant” - recommend? Map out an action plan(s). 3. What objectives and whose interests appear to be carrying the most weight in this case? Which should dominate? 4. Is there a way that oil companies can play a constructive role in developing commercial properties in environmentally unique and sensitive habitats? Or, should oil companies be barred from any oil exploration and development in such areas

Darden Case: Ben And Jerry’s And Unilever: The Bohemian And The Behemoth

1. Why did Unilever acquire Ben & Jerry’s? How does it fit in their portfolio? 2. How do Ben & Jerry’s culture and values create competitive advantage? 3. What challenge confronts Mr. Couette? 4. How should Couette address B&J’s international expansion (case Exhibit 4)? How can/should B& J’s values be exported?

HBS case: Marketing Chateau Margaux

1. How does the Bordeaux wine distribution system work? Who benefits and how? 2. What role does a writer like Robert Parker play? 3. Is Chateau Margaux a luxury brand or a connoisseur’s brand? 4. What problems does Corinne...
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