Which of the 2 major parties is more ideologically divided?

Topics: Democratic Party, Conservatism, Republican Party Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: February 15, 2014
Which of the 2 major parties is more ideologically divided? 15 marks

The Republican Party is ideologically conservative. This means that they seek to defend the political, economic and social status quo and therefore tend to oppose changes in the institutions and structures of society. The Democrat Party on the other hand are a liberal party. They seek to change the political, economic and social staus quo in favour of the well-being, rights and liberties of the individual, and especially those who are generally disadvantaged in society. However there are some in the Democrat Party that do not fit into the ideological definition of liberal. One of the factions in the Democrat Party are the social conservative Democrats. Individuals such as Terry Randall have socially conservative views on issues such as abortion. They are pro-life and oppose the legalise of abortion and also same-sex marriage. This is because in their view these social policies do not respect the Christian values of marriage which they define as between a man and a woman. Although a few moderate Moderate Democrats like Hilary Clinton are personally pro-life, they still would support pro-abortion legislation. Thus there is a divided in the party to a greater extent. Another faction are the liberal democrats. They believe in changing the status quo in favour of the well-being of disadvantaged groups such as immigrants who often live below the poverty line. John Kerry for example supports restoring immigrant benefits lost in the 1996 welfare reforms under the Clinton administration. Clinton who is a Moderate Democrat on the other hand famously said ‘the era of big government is over’, he believes in some more fiscal conservative policies which advocate a reduced role of government and a more laissez-faire approach to economic policy. Therefore there is a divide in the Democrat Party to a greater extent. One of the factions in the Republican Party is the Tea Party. They are very conservative as...
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